Reliable and simple to use, Enterprise
Closed Loop Marketing integrates all your
digital needs within a single global system.

  • Multichannel
  • Powered by Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5)
  • integrates with your CRM
  • Reduces content creation costs
  • Improves speed to market

Under the bonnet, everything
is State of the Art.

Zengage is a powerful application designed to meet the Enterprise eDetailing needs of Adobe's pharmaceutical clients. Zengage is built on the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform previously known as CQ5. Using Zengage is as simple as editing web content in the Adobe content editor and digital marketing suite. Adobe Experience Manager gives you the power to easily maximise the performance of your website through content authoring, digital asset management, content reviews and approvals, distribution, localisation, translation, updates and version control.

Through the securely encrypted Zengage app you can arrange contacts and visits, manage downloads, receive notifications, present iDetails and other media, while capturing user data and analytics along the way. The analytics power of Zengage is powered by Adobe SiteCatalyst, with full analytics and monitoring, data visualisation and reporting. You won't find an eDetailing solution that offers the same engagement, capability and control.


Zengage offers 
Capability and Control


On your terms

  • Scales to any number of sales reps without additonal cost.
  • Extends the face-to-face detailing capability to a global web content management solution
  • Reduces content development costs against traditional models (by 80%)
  • Shares assets globally, vastly reducing reliance on local agencies.
  • Integrates with Adobe AEM (CQ5) and your CRM.

In your timeframe

  • Significantly improves speed to market by working directly in AEM (CQ5).
  • Pure CMS - requires minimal technical skills to create content.
  • Multisite management supports localisation.
  • Pushes out approved critical updates immediately without third-party involvement.

At your fingertips

  • Employs flexibility and power of the world's leading digital marketing platform.
  • Reuses library of sophisticated presentation components, content & digital assets.
  • Easily integrates with Adobe AEM (CQ5).
  • SiteCatalyst - reports real-time, market-leading analytics.